Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to every Mother's out there especially those that find the time to read this post.

Today is the special day of thanking all the mothers for the hardship they bear in bringing up a child.

Most especially my wife-Abe, Epal, Pa, Sweetheart.

Thank you. Your one special Mother God have ever created. Pa Cheese burger ka naman. Tama na at baka maging madrama pa ang post ko.

By the way, my children were asking their mother last night what food well she prepare for today? She replied that because Sunday is special day for her, she well prepare a special Misua soup with special dried fish to go with it. A special Buko juice is included. Sounds a lot of special viands and drinks ha!

Photo from Marina Studio


Roy said...

Sir Mon!!!!

Welcome back!!!!

although hindi ito yung original mong blog, sana ituloy mo muna dito yung mga blog posts mo, habang hindi pa naso-solve ang misteryo ng webpinas

Snow said...

Hi Kuya Mon,

First and foremost, I sincerely apologize for mixing you up again with Kuya Angel sa mention ko sa blog ko at linky love.

I just had 3 hours sleep kasi at kaka-bloghop ko lang kay father blogger habang ginagawa ko yung blog na yun.

Sorry talaga... :(

pmonchet said...

Roy - Thanks for your concern. Ganun na nga po.

Snow - No problemo. Okay lang po yun. Don't worry.