Thursday, May 28, 2009

I am a Winner - again

I always win a big sum of money every time I open my email.
The latest of which is this:
REF NO.REF:UKL/74-A0802742007

Get back to us for a lump sum pay out of £891,934.00 GBP. Provide Your
Name:___ Address:___ Age:___ Sex:___ Occupation:___
Tel/Fax:___Country.Email )for claims immediately.

This winnings came every time I didn't join a contest. Tsk! Tsk!
Go ahead and open your email now! You might have won too!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Tinig ng mga Bayani (Voice of Heroes)

This morning , while I'm on my way to Union Bank Caloocan, I saw three
groups of people that are giving out what appear to be newspaper
format paper.They are positioned near and before reaching the LRT
Monumento Station.
It turned out that they are distributing a 12 pages news letter
titled -"Tinig ng mga Bayani"( Voice of Heroes).
It has three volume that is why there are three groups of people
giving out those papers.
I got curious so I got all three copies. It contains not "mga"
but one and only one "Bayani".
Your guess is as good as mine.
Bayani Fernado is the main man in this paper.
Editor: Mandy Francisco
Editorial Assistant: Fundy Soriano
Layout Artist: Ma. Wilda W. Agustino, Shirley Gabilan-Bigcas
Published by Kabayani Movement Inc.
Marikina City
Telephone No. 933-0699
e-mail add:

Get you copy now before it runs out and the vendor around the
place gets ahead of you!
No kidding!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009

Dr. Hayden Kho and His films

Is is a very sad day for those lady who had the mistake of falling in love and making love with this Doctor.
Who would never knew of this man? The love of Dr. Vicky Bello who once joined the celebrity duet.
I just learned that the good Doctor, Hayden Kho had produced at least 40 video files of his sex escapade starring himself and the unlucky lady.

One of those circulating the net was, according to the internet news report are with a Brazilian model, Maricar Reyes and the very famous Katrina Halili.
Yesterday, a colleague of mine invited to over his office for a lunch date telling me that we have a very important matter to discuss. Since it is near my place I decided to spend my lunch time with him.
Arriving at around 12:10, I find the food he ordered still hot and deliciously pack from Silver Crown Restaurant. My favorite -Silver Crown rice toppings. It is a complete meal with meat, chicken, vegetables and rice.
After lunch he opened his computer and showed me one sex video of Dr. Hayden Kho.
The victim doesn't know that there lovemaking were being film by the good Doctor.
I shook my head in disbelief why in this world a man disguising as a Doctor is doing those things.
He is destroying the lives, the future of his victims.
There is something wrong with the mind of this Doctor and he better be checked pronto before his victim's family get to him first.
I am just thinking that maybe what he really wanted in his life was to be a porno actor, Director, Camera man, light man,writer of porno films rolled into one. He is doing all those acrobatic acts only seen in triple x movies.
Maybe he is filming his actions in bed for future reference, to correct whatever mistake he had done and the lady he was with were only collateral damage.
God Bless this man and Dra. Vicky Bello should wake up and maybe she'll find her video too!
Any reactions guys?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Good News From OWWA

To my fellow Filipinos, Good news from OWWA.

Starting January of 2010, OFW's all around the world will surely benefit to this one of a kind service from the newly proposed law by the government of the Philippines . The service is entitled Hatid Kabayan. Any OFW who worked in any part of the Globe for more than six months is said to be entitled and will benefit from this service. As soon as you landed in Ninoy Aquino International Airport or NAIA, a special booth is waiting for you to fill up some forms, and all you have to do is show your passport to them, to confirm your working status abroad and you're all set.
This also implies to all immigrants and non immigrants out there.

Hatid Kabayan is a service where the Philippine Government arrange a special ride for OFW's from NAIA to any point of the of the Philippines or any provinces. It will be surely a nice ride.

Hats off to the Philippine Government despite this ongoing economic crisis, high fuel cost and among others, they managed to pay us a small amount of gratitude and tribute of all the hard works we do abroad.

Specially trained employees will accommodate you and guarantee us that they know every single route all across the Nation.

So seat back and relax and lets be proud of what Philippine Government can offer.

Below is the Hatid Kabayan on Test Run. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

scroll down please 5

scroll down please 4

scroll down please 3

scroll down please 2

scroll down please 1

Got this from my e-mail

Getting a Passport- Things I learned

Things I learned when getting a new passport or renewing passport.
It is better to use online appointment than
going to DFA Manila(Here). It saves you not only
time, effort and money in going there, but also
you're least victimized by vultures lurking there.

Once you sent you application for appointment
online, you'll receive an email of confirmation
with the date and time of your appointment.Got mine the next day.
Print this email because this will serve as your entrance ticket on
Gate 2 and as a validation ticket when you go to verification window.
You could also download,print and use the online application form found here
(other requirements can found be there). I already prepare one of this at home
including thumb mark before going there. But be sure to prepare all documents
below sending your online application.

For new applicant:
please prepare NSO certificate
of Birth,Certificate of Marriage (if needed).NBI
Clearance valid for Travel abroad and Valid ID's.
Be ready with the photocopy of your documents,
ID's except for NSO beacause they get the original copy. In my son's case,
they get the original copy of his NBI. But in my wife's case they did not.
Your Passport picture with royal blue backgroud.

For passport renewal:
Have your old passport photocopy the inside of
front page and back page and the pages that
have immigration stamp.
Your passport picture with royal blue background.
I wasted money by getting an NSO and NBI clerance.

Picture! Picture!
With those documents in hand, my wife and I excitedly went to DFA Manila.
My wife had been criticizing my picture because
according to my sister-in-law, it is not in accordance
with the requirement of our DFA. The background color
is too dark and my face is too small.
So, when one vulture (I mean the person complete
with a very big ID hanging on his head) approach us
(while pointing to his ID) and told us to let them help us and check our documents,
my wife obliged. She showed both our applications form and to her horror,
her picture was not valid and told her that my picture is the correct one.
She was advised to have another picture be taken and pay P180.00.
Of course I did not believe them. I explained to the
man that we'll just come back. My son's passport
picture was taken at the same establishment and was not
rejected. See how good actor these vultures are?
Passport picture can be had inside the DFA compound for only P 150.00

After passing gate 2 and now were in front of the window 15,( there are more
than 20 staff that handles verification windows)
the lady behind the counter noticed that the attached
email copy of my appointment was for my wife, and upon checking
the printed email in my wife's application, it was also for her.
Ngeek! My son printed it twice.
No amount of "drama" can convince the lady so I have
to find an internet, download the email and have it printed.

Two Guard:

So off I go and prior exiting the room, I ask the guard where I could
find an internet shop to download and print my appointment,
he promptly point his finger to my right,"sa gitna lang sir"
(In middle of this hallway).
But before proceeding I decided to urinate because
I have been holding it for a long while and ask the guard
again where is the nearest C.R.,"labas kayo ng gate na yan.
kanan lang Sir"while pointing to my left.
After emptying my gall bladder I decided to ask the guard that
was guarding the other gate the same question-
"Where is the nearest Internet shop here?"Just to be sure.
He told me while pointing to the direction outside the building,
"labas kayo Sir,Madami sa labas."
I could not believe my ear. Two guards manning different
gate but with common hallway gave conflicting answer.
Or maybe I gave him a wrong question?I went inside (disregarding
the 2nd guards direction) and into the middle of the hallway and
there I find the internet shop. I consumed no more than 5 minutes
in opening my email copied and paste in a word document and
inform the lady manning the shop that my paper was ready for printing. The cost-P 35.00

Xerox copy
On my way back to window 15, I saw my wife still there
holding photocopy of her ID? She didn't know that it must
be photocopied. She had to join a long line of people because there is only one copying
machine inside.All long bond paper and would cost you P3.00 ( no short bond paper)
The owner must be a very lucky guy.
After you passed the verification window you'll be given
a slip of paper that would serve a your OR, stapled unto you application form,
with the amount of payment you choose to make.
P500.00 for 14 days processing
P750.00 for 7 days processing.

Then you would be asked to go to auditorium. Just follow
the series of arrow along your way and your arrive at an
air conditioned auditorium. This is where you will pay for your passport
and they would encode your passport. You'll affix your signature and thumb print.
This would take you only 5-10 minutes.
That's what happened to me and my wife.
I paid P500.00 each so will be back by June 9.
Hope you learned something though.

Entrecard Dropper -Entrecarder

Let me thank the people behind these website for spending their precious time and regularly drop their card on my other website. I just don't know how they do it?
Fatherlyours is still off and my server seems to disappear into the planet Earth. Even though the man behind webpinas still regularly logged in on Tipidpc as one member told me. Kindly see my earlier post:
1.Webpinas -My web host
2.Fatherlyours and My Web host
Now what? I am including in my daily prayer that one day my would resurrect so that I could make my back up and transfer the file somewhere else.
Going back, Thank you Sir and Mam:
1.Toltec Insights with Dr. Susan Gregg
2.Get some more
3.New Happenin
4.Smiley earth Blog
5.Game Saint Blog
6.Healthy Embrace
7.Peek tech Blog
8.Cool Dad Central
9.Parental Instints
If one soul happened to read this post, kindly give those sites a visit. I could be lucky if there are three.
And Thank you too Sir Buraot for informing me about the site that have 8.4 million visitor per day. Oh! my God, I too could dream don't I?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Wi-FI testing at The Block,SM North EDSA

Me and my kids, as we joined other people in testing the free wi-fi service of SM at The Block, SM North EDSA.
We got very fast and easy connection on both our Macbook and Asus eepc laptop.
But the Ipod Touch of Johnry failed to connect. There were technical people around but the problem was not solved. That is why we are here isn't it?
For them to find the problem and troubleshot them. Hope they could find the work around before the test is over.
I tried downloading a movie and the connection registered a speed of up to 280 kbps.
That is not only fast. That was super fast.
I was not able to experience that kind of speed even with my present DSL provider at home.

Another bonding moment with my kids with free wi-fi and free food coming from finger likin' good-KFC.
Let me Thank bryanflurry for taking the above picture. Buti na lang nag comment ka. hehehe. Pasensiya na ha! Excited kasi ang lolo mo sa pag download.

May 16, 2009
I have to go back here at the Block, SM to go to Healthway located at 5th floor. I have to schedule my appoinment with my Doctor and get my blood test result.
The Wi-fi is already on. My ipod touch still can't get through the server but my macbook connects in less than a minute.
So, this is one reason why you guys can spend time here more frequently.
Bye for now, I have to go and report for work.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Webpinas- My Web Host

Dear Sir Hacksider,
I could see that your going online naman at TipidPC but you're not replying to my text messages and I could not contact you at your posted number and even on your land line. These two number are the same number I used to contact you before. I only need to back up my files and moved them somewhere else. I know your a good man as can be seen by those positive feedback in almost all forum where I saw your handle. I can understand what the problem if there is one but please give me a call or text explaining about your web hosting problem.
My had been down since May 2,2009.

I received a message from one of your customer as well.

rc studio said...

Sir sa akin down din ang site, from webpinas din courtesy of kenneth, Wala mana lang reply sa text, email at sa account nya sa tipidpc. com. May I know your email add, para magbalitaan tayo about this.

What happened to Webpinas?
Please Sir, I need to back up my files. Hoping to you hear from you the soonest!
Ramon Paulino

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Passport Picture at LBC

If you need an ID picture or Passport picture, I am strongly suggesting that you go and try the services of LBC Digiprint Services. Of course LBC is widely known as courier of mails and packages. There is also LBC bank. This time is LBC Digiprint.

I went to their branch this afternoon. Located at Araneta Square Caloocan City. I just told the lady at the counter that I needed a passport picture with blue background. I asked her advised if my T-shirt would match the background. She just told me that she would edit my picture.

I came back after a few minutes that my picture was taken and was surprise upon seeing my photo.

The wonder of PhotoShop did it again.

I was already wearing suit with matching tie. Great isn’t it?

What is more bonus point for me was that I was able to get a copy of my edited picture (because the ever ready me have a usb drive all the time).

For price of P50.00 isn’t it cheap already?

I admire LBC. One company that have diversified their product so successfully.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Apple Magsafe Power Adapter-Galing ng Pinoy

This piece could have been posted a week ago but my fatherlyours was down and out, up to now. I am losing hope it would resurface again.

See how how power adapter was busted.

I got very depressed that day especially upon learning from a store in Victory Mall, the nearest re-seller of Apple products here in Caloocan that the price of a 60 watt MagSafe power adapter is P 4,200.00.

And the lowest price I was able to get from the internet was P2,900.00.

It is a good thing that on my way out of Victory Mall I received a text message informing me that there were new arrival of stocks at our warehouse and If I am interested in placing my order?
Since our warehouse is a good 5 minutes walk from where I am, I decided to go there and talk to our warehouse-in-charge.
There I saw our technician who was about to install the wi-fi router in our conference room. He greeted me and told me that he would go to our branch store and buy a pair of islander before going home after work.
I told him just to look for me to avail of a discount and then I remember I am holding my adapter and jokingly told him if he could do something about it. A busted power adapter.
So to cut the story short, Lunch time or about 12:30 that noon, out technician visited me holding the magsafe power adapter telling me to test it.

Viola, It work. He just save me 3 thousand bucks. Galing ng Pinoy!
He just use an aquarium silicon sealant!
But of course he walked away with a pair of Islander and kiss from our security guard.
The last part was a joke!
Galing ng Pinoy!

Monday, May 11, 2009

iblog5- A Success

Iblog5 is my second attempt of joining blogging event and I am glad that I did.
Iblog5-The Philippine Blogging Summit was held last Saturday, May 9,2009 at the Malcolm Theater, U.P. College of Law,Diliman, Quezon City.
Roy invited and informed me about this event.
It was a very productive and informative day for me for I learned a lot about blogging, video blogging, mobile blogging, legal issues, 2010 election, blog marketing & advertising and about blogging to the next level.
All the speakers were knowledgeable in the topic that they discuss that contributed for the success of the event.
Being a part time blogger, I don't have enough time to surf the net and learn about blogging.
The part that I liked most was the Video Blogging by Ms. kring Elenzano and Mr. Azrael Coladilla and also by "Ka Edong" discussing about Mobile Blogging 101.
My mind wander where earthlingorgeous was when Mr. Eric Ramirez was discussing about Nuffnang. But she attended and she's there also as I read her post about this event. Sayang hindi kita nakilala personally.
I got curios about the word I am hearing "patay gutom blogger" and Snow informed me about it.
It is a good thing that I asked Mike Abundo (the guy whom I knew only at that time because he always ask those sensible questions) is sport enough to introduce me to Carlo Ople.
I am a part time blogger remember!
Anyway, I am glad I find the time to attend this iblog5 and looking forward for iblog6.
Thank you so much for the organizer and Ms Janette Toral for a wonderful day of blogging event.
Hoping to win a t-shirt next time.
Thank you too to Snow, Roy, Zorlone, Jonel and pintongpiso (forgot his name because my memory gap strike again) and Noli. Thank you Snow for this photo.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to every Mother's out there especially those that find the time to read this post.

Today is the special day of thanking all the mothers for the hardship they bear in bringing up a child.

Most especially my wife-Abe, Epal, Pa, Sweetheart.

Thank you. Your one special Mother God have ever created. Pa Cheese burger ka naman. Tama na at baka maging madrama pa ang post ko.

By the way, my children were asking their mother last night what food well she prepare for today? She replied that because Sunday is special day for her, she well prepare a special Misua soup with special dried fish to go with it. A special Buko juice is included. Sounds a lot of special viands and drinks ha!

Photo from Marina Studio

Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Birthday - Abe

May, 4, 2009. Birthday mo ngayun Epal.
Ilan taon ka na ba? Huwag mo na sagutin at tiyak ko wala na iyan sa kalendaryo. Kahit pa kalendaryo ng Chinese.
Anyway, May you have many more Birthdays to come.
My wife, sweetheart, darling, Abe, Ma, and Epal.
Since Birthday mo ngayun ay wala kang gagawin, Day -off mo ngayun.
Hindi ka magluluto, maglalaba, maglilinis ng bahay, magdidilig ng halaman at mamamalengke.
Bukas na lahat yan.
Kakain tayo sa labas.
Yes, sa labas ng bahay natin. Dun tayo makikikain kina Nora. Yung asawa ng kapatid mo na kapit bahay natin.
Yung regalo ko ay hindi ko na binalot. Sayang pa pambalot. Nagtitipid kasi tayo ngayun.
Ipinatago ko muna sa "bahay na bato".
Kunin mo na lang sa sanlaan bago magkatapusan para walang interest.
Bye for now at maaga ako umalis.
Again, happy happy birthday and may all your dreams come true.

Fatherlyours and my webhost

Fatherlyours is still down and so was my web host webpinas since Saturday, May 2, 2009.
This is the first time that this happened and I am hoping that everything is fine with Kenneth. The man behind the success of webpinas. The cellphone number is unavailable while the land line is always busy.
For the mean time, I will be using this site.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pacquiao Knockout Hatton in round 2

May 3, Sunday, Philippines.
Manny Pacquaio knockout Ricky Hatton in the second round.
It was so quick I was not able to finish the hotdog sandwich that I was eating at the start of second round. Just when I was supposed to take my second bite, I just saw Ricky Hatton down on the canvass with both arms stretch above his head. While a lot of people around me were shouting with excitement.
I just heard the sound signifying that only 10 seconds left before ending the second round so I temporarily removed my eyes from the t.v. screen when it happened.
Referee Kenny Bayless took one look at the fallen Ricky Hatton and declared the fight over at 2.59 seconds of the second round.
Wow, now, Manny Pacquaio's name is included in the prestigious list of boxers who won different Championship belt in different weight division.
Congratulation Manny.
Pasensiya na Hatton fans, ganyan talaga ang buhay. $8 Million dollar is still a lot of money for a few minutes of staying in fron of Manny Pacquaio. Pautang nga!

Mayweather Sr., it is not yet game over for Pac-Man.
My is still down.
Paging Sir Kenneth, where are you?

Saturday, May 2, 2009 is down

Paging my web host. Down ang aking website. is down.
Help! I need somebody help!

Help! I need somebody help!