Thursday, May 14, 2009

Webpinas- My Web Host

Dear Sir Hacksider,
I could see that your going online naman at TipidPC but you're not replying to my text messages and I could not contact you at your posted number and even on your land line. These two number are the same number I used to contact you before. I only need to back up my files and moved them somewhere else. I know your a good man as can be seen by those positive feedback in almost all forum where I saw your handle. I can understand what the problem if there is one but please give me a call or text explaining about your web hosting problem.
My had been down since May 2,2009.

I received a message from one of your customer as well.

rc studio said...

Sir sa akin down din ang site, from webpinas din courtesy of kenneth, Wala mana lang reply sa text, email at sa account nya sa tipidpc. com. May I know your email add, para magbalitaan tayo about this.

What happened to Webpinas?
Please Sir, I need to back up my files. Hoping to you hear from you the soonest!
Ramon Paulino


rc studio said...

Tumatakbo kase ang oras, malaki ang nawawala sa amin.

Kaya nagpagawa na ulit ako sa ibang company. Under construction na.

Calling others na under ng, baka may alam sila about this. Or other friends/ worker ng webpinas. Thank you.

pmonchet said...

rc studio - hopefully other people could help us.Thanks for your reply.

Snow said...

I have been with Kuya Mon last iBlog5 and I can feel how much he missed his Fatherlyours webby. As a blogger, I know how it feels, para na kasi naming 'baby' ang mga blog namin...

To the Webpinas owner. Geerz, if you have a heart. Be polite to reply naman. please....

pmonchet said...

Snow- Thank you so much for your concern. The next influential blogger. Baka next time hindi na kita ma reach ha? joke lang. You really deserve the award.

Roy said...

Sir Mon, any developments with Webpinas?

hope this helps

Ada said...

And taga TipidPC pala ito, hacksider pa ang username nakakatakot talaga. Whhaaa sayang talaga sir mon. Pag inimeail yan mapupunta sa mismong email add ng buyer ng domain, natry niyo na ba ito sir mon?

bing said...

his full name is Kenneth Estanislao. I am also a victim. my Warmstone site (my blog from 2005) was hosted by Webpinas for a year. when May comes in, my site cannot be accessed anymore. i tried to contact him with his cel number and his wife's cel number. i also tried sending an offline message to her YM. i tried calling a landline i found via the internet and discovered it was his parents who had promised me that they will tell their son about contacting me. To no avail.
that was during the first week of May.

i think he is a web host reseller. i really don't know what happened. the bad part is like the owner of Fatherly Yours, i was not able to have a local backup. it was actually hanging in my head because last April Kenneth and me exchanged text mssgs pa. i also him that time why i cannot access webpinas and he answered like 'i have big plans for webpinas he he'. i became complacent with the reply and never thought he will just leave me (or us) hanging. now i realized the 'he he' at the end of the reply means something bad.

it was so unprofessional of him. i just needed an explanation and if it's possible to retrieve my seemingly lost files. but he did not care or bother man lang to answer. he has a responsibility at dapat siyang humarap.

pmonchet said...

Ada - Thanks sa info.try ko nga yan.

Bing - hopefully ma realize ni Kenneth ang damage na nangyayari sa atin and he find courage to explain his side of the story.

Roy - thanks talaga. I knew from the start talaga matulungin ka eh. May star ka na naman ke Bro niyan.