Monday, May 25, 2009

Tinig ng mga Bayani (Voice of Heroes)

This morning , while I'm on my way to Union Bank Caloocan, I saw three
groups of people that are giving out what appear to be newspaper
format paper.They are positioned near and before reaching the LRT
Monumento Station.
It turned out that they are distributing a 12 pages news letter
titled -"Tinig ng mga Bayani"( Voice of Heroes).
It has three volume that is why there are three groups of people
giving out those papers.
I got curious so I got all three copies. It contains not "mga"
but one and only one "Bayani".
Your guess is as good as mine.
Bayani Fernado is the main man in this paper.
Editor: Mandy Francisco
Editorial Assistant: Fundy Soriano
Layout Artist: Ma. Wilda W. Agustino, Shirley Gabilan-Bigcas
Published by Kabayani Movement Inc.
Marikina City
Telephone No. 933-0699
e-mail add:

Get you copy now before it runs out and the vendor around the
place gets ahead of you!
No kidding!


Snow said...

nice info kuya mon!

pmonchet said...

Snow - No problem. Wala pa balita kay kenneth and webpinas. tsk! tsk!

Snow said...

Kuya Mon,

Have you contacted Kuya Roy? He's asking for your mobile phone. Have you touched base with him?