Monday, December 24, 2007

Broken Home

It is really heart breaking to hear that somebody's marriage have finally come to a close. Somebody that is very close to my family. Last Friday this sad news was given (through text) to me.

Back 3 years ago, I am one of those called to help settle or save this marriage. Together with some of relative of both parties, I was able to iron out things and have convinced both of them to give their marriage another try. They both acknowledge their mistakes and short sightedness. A lot of things should be done and a lot of things to be adjusted. From that day on, I am optimistic and was looking forward to a more mature relationship.

We thought that they going great because they were able to add another child.

Two 2 kids both boys, one is 6 years old and the other 2 years of age would be another member of a broken family.

What went wrong?

They owned a nice home complete with all the comfort of life can give. They have a van and a tricycle that they used as business (for their source of income). They were also given another motorbike that they can use as a service vehicle. What happened? They have forgotten their wedding vow "…in sickness and in health, Till Death Do Us Part."


He is now in another country earning a living and she now lives in her parent's home. They have sold all three vehicles and the money was used in his going abroad. Each one points an accusing finger of who among them started a wrongdoing. Lot's of heated arguments over the phone and exchanges of foul language and bad word had happened. A lesson on Communication 101- How I love you before but now no more!

They say distance can make the heart grow ponder. Distance can make the heart wander.

Saving Marriage:

This marriage is beyond saving as I was told that the husband has given the wife a permission that she could "marry" anytime she found one and he would do the same. Just like that, and no regards about the law on marriage. Like a kid that says to his/her playmates "ayawan na"(Let us end this game) if the game turned sour ("pikon").

The End:

In the end the real victim here are the innocent children who would grow up not knowing the reason they are a product of irresponsible parent.

I am just hoping that if this two people were able to find another partner, it should not end this way again creating more victims - Their Children.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Simbang Gabi

Officially today’s morning 1St mass is what we Filipinos so called “Simbang Gabi”. As the olden day saying that if you manage to finish the 9 consecutive masses held your wish would come true.

Being a member of CCD (see link) and a Choir member, we would sing in these masses. I also believe that we were the first group of Church Choir during those times that perform in the altar presenting a play about the birth of Christ. I acted as Joseph mind you. Did I mention to you before, that “Teatro Apostulado” was created for our group mainly to give us first hand education about stage drama, Acting, stage pacing, lighting and all about Theater! A very pleasant and memorable experience I should say.

Our group would excitedly wait for this event because it would mean wearing our jackets and meting a lot of beautiful girls. Or we would just play around before and after the mass. Eat puto-bungbong, bebengka, Maja Blanko, and other native delicacies that are being sold near the vicinity of Sta. Cruz Church. Who would forget the sweet aroma of hot chocolate being served to us after the mass?

Asking if our wishes did come true? Of course we have a lot of wishes during those times and yes also some of our wishes did come true. Wink!
Christmas is really for kids, the reason I could not resist giving money to those doing caroling even on jeepneys. Have you experienced caroling neighbor’s homes with your friends using musical instrument made from discarded milk can as drum, bunch of soft drinks bottle as our synthesizer bounded by wire. If the owners don’t give us anything we would sing, “Thank you, thank you, ang babarat ninyo”. Then run away laughing.
Today officially start our long tradition of Christmas celebration but let us not forget the true essence of our festiveness.
My family decided to have an exchange gift this year. The money coming from school allowance that they have save, they suggested the amount P50.00. The funny part is we would be celebrating New Year on January 6. Mind over matter!
Now I would be greeting you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year too!
Maybe I could not create or write another blog piece after Christmas due to my very busy schedule.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


I really miss my smartphone. Yesterday, jun kulas member of Airfagev
was able to bring to life my beloved phone. After 2 months of not being able to use my xphoneii have made me miss a lot of things.
For one, I miss taking pictures and instantly uploading it to my computer to be able to give feedback to my Superior and Co-Manager. I can sync it even to Windows 98 OS not like Nokia phone that requires us to use Windows Xp. Just like having a usb flash drive device, I can copy files from my work to bring home and vice-versa.
I could listen to music and it serves as my mp3 player. It also serves as a voice recorder and video recorder. Viewing movies or video clips while on the road or on my long travel, Its like I am having a portable DVD player. I could browse the internet using a gprs and even use my Yahoo messenger to communicate with my buddies.
I was able to install and uninstall a lot of useful programs such as:
1.Auto Flight
2.Code Wallet
and a lot of useful application you can even have for free.
Airfagev, Gpcarreon, Modaco are some of the sites you could go to maximize your use of smartphone.
Did I tell you I can use it to call Home and for texting? Of course yes, because it is a phone.
Anyway, I'm just happy my smartphone is back to active duty.