Monday, December 24, 2007

Broken Home

It is really heart breaking to hear that somebody's marriage have finally come to a close. Somebody that is very close to my family. Last Friday this sad news was given (through text) to me.

Back 3 years ago, I am one of those called to help settle or save this marriage. Together with some of relative of both parties, I was able to iron out things and have convinced both of them to give their marriage another try. They both acknowledge their mistakes and short sightedness. A lot of things should be done and a lot of things to be adjusted. From that day on, I am optimistic and was looking forward to a more mature relationship.

We thought that they going great because they were able to add another child.

Two 2 kids both boys, one is 6 years old and the other 2 years of age would be another member of a broken family.

What went wrong?

They owned a nice home complete with all the comfort of life can give. They have a van and a tricycle that they used as business (for their source of income). They were also given another motorbike that they can use as a service vehicle. What happened? They have forgotten their wedding vow "…in sickness and in health, Till Death Do Us Part."


He is now in another country earning a living and she now lives in her parent's home. They have sold all three vehicles and the money was used in his going abroad. Each one points an accusing finger of who among them started a wrongdoing. Lot's of heated arguments over the phone and exchanges of foul language and bad word had happened. A lesson on Communication 101- How I love you before but now no more!

They say distance can make the heart grow ponder. Distance can make the heart wander.

Saving Marriage:

This marriage is beyond saving as I was told that the husband has given the wife a permission that she could "marry" anytime she found one and he would do the same. Just like that, and no regards about the law on marriage. Like a kid that says to his/her playmates "ayawan na"(Let us end this game) if the game turned sour ("pikon").

The End:

In the end the real victim here are the innocent children who would grow up not knowing the reason they are a product of irresponsible parent.

I am just hoping that if this two people were able to find another partner, it should not end this way again creating more victims - Their Children.


Mee mOe said...

Thats very sad that the children are involved in their tragic. But sometimes breaking up is the best way because the arguing causes the children to get upset also.

JesieBlogJourney said...

I am saddened to see broken marriages. In most cases people change for selfish reasons.

Sangeeta said...

These things are becoming very common nowadays. Even in India, where once these were thought to be a sin, the number of broken marriages are increasing. I only feel for the children involved. What have they done to deserve such a circumstance? No one wants to look into it. Very sad!

Miss D said...

kids situation should be always be taken into consideration in making decision, after all, they are the one whose gonna be most affected.

Twilight Zone said...

who wants a brokem home?nobody, as you said the children suffers because of the irresponsibility of the parents.
im not proud that im a productof a broken home,my mother loves my father and serves like a small God and at the age of 26 shes seperated and till now my father was the only man for her and never even thought of looking for a replacement thats the reason why i decided to marry my husband the fact that i didnt love him but hoping that he will become a good father to our children but i was wrong, marrying a person without love is another kind of hell.
for me 3 generations of broken home, i just hope that my child never repeat the tradition(lol its bacame a tradition now)