Saturday, December 15, 2007


I really miss my smartphone. Yesterday, jun kulas member of Airfagev
was able to bring to life my beloved phone. After 2 months of not being able to use my xphoneii have made me miss a lot of things.
For one, I miss taking pictures and instantly uploading it to my computer to be able to give feedback to my Superior and Co-Manager. I can sync it even to Windows 98 OS not like Nokia phone that requires us to use Windows Xp. Just like having a usb flash drive device, I can copy files from my work to bring home and vice-versa.
I could listen to music and it serves as my mp3 player. It also serves as a voice recorder and video recorder. Viewing movies or video clips while on the road or on my long travel, Its like I am having a portable DVD player. I could browse the internet using a gprs and even use my Yahoo messenger to communicate with my buddies.
I was able to install and uninstall a lot of useful programs such as:
1.Auto Flight
2.Code Wallet
and a lot of useful application you can even have for free.
Airfagev, Gpcarreon, Modaco are some of the sites you could go to maximize your use of smartphone.
Did I tell you I can use it to call Home and for texting? Of course yes, because it is a phone.
Anyway, I'm just happy my smartphone is back to active duty.


Peter said...

Hi! Where would we be without our gadgets. It would certainly be a very boring world without them.

As for cell phones, everytime I go anywhere we my mates, they're always using them for text messaging. A bit of a pain really when you're trying to have a conversation with them.

Thank you for the tips and all the best to you and your family,

Peter McCartney
Sydney Australia

pmonchet said...

Hello Peter - Oh yes,Thats True. I for one refrain from answering text messages when having a conversation with someone not unless it came from my Boss.
Good day.