Thursday, July 31, 2008

P0.50 cents per text message

President Gloris Macapagal Arroyo, in her SONA speech claims that her effort in improving the quality of life of Filipinos, she was able to reduced the text messaging fee to only P0.50 cents. Of course these drew cheers, but it drew flak after subscribers learned it was only a promotion offer, and that they needed to register to avail of it.
I didn't take the time to hear her speech for I knew that there is nothing truthful that will come out of it. Forgive me my friends but it is the truth and nothing but the truth.
I learned this brouhaha from the newspaper.
All I can say now is "buti nga sa inyo" to those who attended and exert their effort to be with the faked President last Monday to hear the SONA.
Claiming credit for something that is being given as a promo is really a big laughing matter. This P0.50 cents text messaging fee is only a promo from telcos and will run for only three months. The government officials are now hoping that telcos will make this promo permanent.
Now what? Tiis muna tayo till year 2010!

Monday, July 7, 2008

July month Of My Wedding Anniversary

July is the sweetest month for me because this is the month of my wedding anniversary. On the 10th day of this month we would be celebrating our 24th year of wedded bliss.

Our children are planning a simple but memorable event in observing this joyous occasion. We are planning to eat at the Chinese restaurant either at China Town or at the Tong-Yang Restaurant.

But tragedy struck us last Friday afternoon when my Mother-in-Law had to be rushed to the nearest hospital when she complained of headache and dizziness.

Our concerns turned into nightmare when upon arriving at the hospital she fell asleep and closed her eyes. Despite all our effort of keeping her awake she fall asleep and went into coma.

Today (July 7, 2008) this afternoon at exactly 3:00 p.m. I received the bad news from my daughter that my mother-in-law succumbs to aneurism. I have to report for work this morning to finish some report and sign some documents.

Exactly three days before our wedding Anniversary we are mourning the death of my mother-in-law. The best mother-in-law anyone could have had in contrast to other people depicting of how-mother-in-law is. She is perfect epitome of caring, loving and understanding mother-in-law that sometimes my wife is being jealous that she always sided with me in some of our arguments.

Eleven years ago my mother also died on this month of July. Her death happened on the 9th of July.

July is the month of my wedding anniversary and now the month also of death anniversaries of both mothers’ I managed to have.

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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Pagbalik ng death Penalty,payag ka ba?

Pag balik ng bitay o death penalty, payag ka ba?

Sa tingin ko ay tama ang mga taong responsible sa pag alis ng hatol na Bitay sa mga kalunos-lunos na krimen. Sabi ng ilang henyo ng nag aral tungkol sa bagay na iyan ay hindi daw napatuyan sa pag aaral na ginawa ng nakaka-pigil ng krimen ang parusang kamatayan.

Napag-uusapan na naman uli (na ibalik ang death penalty) ito dahil sa matinding krimen na naganap sa isang pagnanakaw sa isang bangko na matapos looban ito ay pinatay lahat ng mga taong minalas na nagkataong pumasaok nung araw na iyun. Halos sa ulo lahat ay binaril sa ulo.

Inalis na nga po ang hatol na bitay pero may suggestion ako sa halip na habang-buhay na pagkabilanggo ay palayain na lang natin sila.

Tama po palayain natin pero dapat putulan ng mga kamay at paa. At kung may kasamang rape ang kaso, pati ari-arian ay dapat din putulin.

Sa araw ng kanilang paglaya ay dapat full coverage ng media sa print at broadcast. Eh pano siya uuwi ,maglalakad at sasakay pauwi eh putol na nga ang kamay at paa niya ? Tanong niyo hindi ba?

Yun nga ang catch dun, nanaisin na lang niya patayin siya kesa buhayin siya na ganun ang kalagayan niya. Hindi naman natin siya pag bibigyan kasi nga ay kasalan ang pumatay ng tao. Anong say niyo?

O ayan, isa na naman kuro-kuro ng inyong abang lingkod na dulot uli ng laki ng gutom.

Kain muna ako.


Thursday, July 3, 2008


From my Inbox, Please read on:
This was a forwarded message. The intention is not to scare anybody, but to urge people to pray that such prophesies will not occur. At the start, I tried to edit this, as I usually do with my forwards, but I couldn't continue. The sheer length of the text and the very bad English would require major editing.

Uncanny Prophesies: What will happen to the world and to the Philippines in 2008?

Mr. Juseleeno Nobulega DaRoose is Brazilian, born in 1960, 47 years old now, his occupation is a teacher, he is a normal citizen, having a very poor life with his wife and kids. All the events which Mr. Juselleno predicted had clear indications of the year, month, and day of the disasters, incase any third party wants to confirm the veracity of his prophesy. Mr. Juselleno always puts the story which he predicted to the notarization office or post office for approval.

Somebody asked him, how old he started to have prophetic dreams. He answered: 9 years old, from 1969, he dreamed 3 events a day, sometimes 9 events, the times he dreamed is different every day. He said all the prophesy dreams were automatically in his dreams. When Mr. Juseleeno was 19 years old, he met the famous Brazilian prophesy Saint Mr. Franciscoshabiz, after that the worldwide disaster events were increased in his prophesy dream. Mr. Franciscoshabiz was two times the candidate for the Nobel Prize, he is a very famous differential functional person, at the same time he is also the Charitarian. The events which Mr. Juseleeno predicted are already more than 80,000, firstly let's look at big worldwide events and huge disasters from his prophesies.

July 18, 2008 - Philippines will have 8.1 earthquake, thousands of people will die.





Princess Diana assassinated;
Mr. Juseleeno sent a warning letter to Diana via post office on 4th March, 1997 " I got the message from God that someone is planning to kill you in the car accident, your life will be dangerous, 7 angels told me about this. You may die in this car accident and the specialist may close this case as a driving mistake, but they are totally wrong. The murder is close to you…. And it will happen before 2000"
Juseleeno also sent this warning letter to Dailytelegraph and Guardian etc. new agents in England , but were never published. The car accident happened on 31st August,1997, 5 month after the warning letter was sent out. Just as the prophesy said, the case was closed as a driving mistake. The accuracy of this prophesy is not only to predict the huge event but also the truth of the intrigue behind the event. There are a lot of rumors after the accident, Diana was killed by England's royal family centered on Queen Elizabeth.
The prophesy said it will happen before 2000, although there isn't an exact date, but this prophesy was sent to the president (FernandoHenriqueSilvaCardoso) of Brazil 2 years before the accident and mentioned about "from 1997 to 98 that Diana will die" etc.
The second attack on World Trade Center. It was 9/11
Jeseleeno sent the warning letter to the president of USA in 1989, the warning letter was also published at a notarization office which is run by Mr. Klicheeba in the town of Palana . This warning letter also predicted that the World Trade Center will get the first attack in 1993, though there was no exact date, but the second attack was clearly told 11th September 2001. Everyone knew the result, the first attack happened on 26th Feb.1993 three and half year after the warning letter was sent out, the parking place was blown up and many people were injured, the second attack happened on 11th Sept.2001, 13 years after the warning letter was sent out This was 9/11.
The thing is, this prophesy also said that the Afghanistan and Iraq war will start after 9/11. After Iraq lost, the president Haisan will run to Adawr the middle of Iraq etc. are all in the letter, like you all know, the events in the prediction letter happened one by one.

Sumatra Indonesia earthquake
Juseleeno sent the warning letter about Indonesia Sumatra Earthquake to the India Embassy on 16th September, 1996, about 8 years before the disaster. This warning letter predicted that there will be aan 8.9 earthquake in Aceh Indonesia in the morning of 26th December,2004. India and Indonesia will be devastated by the tsunami. He sent the warning letter to the president of Indonesia on 30th April, 1997, the letter said " I dreamed that at 7:00 a.m. on 26th Dec, 2004, South Asia will experience a 8.9 earthquake, at the same time by the tsunam. The areas will be Aceh Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Maladiv, Bombay. And many people will die.
The result was - the earthquake happened at 7:58 a.m. on 26th Dec. More than 200000 people died. The biggest tsunami was about 30 meters high. A lot people were killed by the tsunami. He also sent the same letter to Indonesia , Philippines, Thailand and other Embassies. He also received a letter of thanks from these countries.
The thank-you letter from Meigawadi said "About the 2004 earthquake and tsunami, to prevent the disaster, we must do a lot of things, but on the other hand, we can do nothing". The thank-you letter from the Indonesian Embassy said "…..we will send this letter to our government, if you have any update information, please let us know".
From the above information, Juseleeno already predicted that there will be more than 200,000 people who will die in the tsunami and earthquake 8 years before the disaster, he sent the warning letter with detailed dates to these countries, but nobody did any preventive measures.
The writer picked up a few events which Juseleeno predicted for the future.

Tornado attacked Brazil , thousands people dead.
2007 or July of 2008 Japan will get earthquake and get 30 meters tsunami.
Japan will get earthquake and typhoon in October, He predicted that the huge typhoon will happen on 26th October in the warning Letter
USA will get the terror attack on 17th December.

Will find the medicine for AIDS and Dengue
18th July, Philippine will get 8.1 earthquake, thousands people will die
The Empire State Building New York will get terror attack in September.
13th of September, China will get 9.1 earthquake in Nanning and Hainan, at the same time will get 30 meters Tsunami, millions people will die, the tsunami may go to Japan Directly.

25th January. 8.9 earthquake will attacked Japan , Hundred thousands people will die.
November, Japan will get earthquake again. Thousands people will die.
Brazilian government can not pay the insurance because of the finance problems. Will get the riot.
24th August, Istanbul Turkey will get 8.9 earthquake. The road will be parted.
16th December, Sumatra Indonesia will get 7.8 earthquake. Thousands people will die.

The temperature will reach 58 degrees in many countries of Africa , at the same time will lack of water.
15th June, the New York stock market will be
The temperature in Africa will reach 58 degrees, it is unbelievable number, but in May 2007, people who travel around Africa said the temperature in Greece and Turkey are already 39-40 degrees, Iraq and Arabia is about 45-46 degrees, it is possible to happen in the summer but not in may, we can imagine that in the summer of 2010, the world will become warmer and Africa will get the high temperature.

Will found the treatment for Cancer. But another new cancer will occur.
A serious disease will occur, it will be called ALS, People will die after 4 hours get ALS
Bird flu H5N1 will infect to human, 7300000 people will die till 2013.

Mr.Juseleeno's prophesy is not only for the disease and earthquake but also for the exact name. For example the formal US president Gore famous book " An Inconvenient Truth". The name of tornado which will attack Brazil, and thousands people will die, the name of infectious disease ( ALS), the name for San Francisco's earthquake ( the Big One) and etc. events.

The area of globe will be extended regarding the aridity and become desert, from 2015 till 2020, the trees will disappear in Amazon.
From 6th Dec. the sky will start the black cloud time, it is called weather cloudy.
Human start die because of the infectious disease's overspread.

Find the treatment for cancer except the brain cancer.
hamas of West Indies, from 1st Nov. till 25th the Volcano will break out and bring the earthquake too, after that will be 150 meters huge tsunami, about 80 meters tsunami will go to Caribbean, About 15 kilometer to 20 kilometer to USA , Brazil and other countries. The sea will go down 6 meters before the tsunami and the birds will move away too.
Mr.Juseleeno predicted that when the cats and dogs know the disaster is coming, they want to get away from the venue, they will have strange behaviors 24 hours before the disaster, so we can use that for the standard of judgment.

The small planet will be closer to the earth and may knock together, the exist of this small planet will influent the issue of human live.

In November, the average temperature will reach 59 degrees, many people will die, the world confusion will be bigger.

In the middle of April, huge typhoon will attach some cities of
China , about one thousand people will die.
US president Bush will be in the hospital suddenly, has serious sickness.
About the issue of small planet will be closer to the earth, the leaders of each country will gather together to discuss the countermeasure, Mr. Juseleeno already predicted in 2000, and informed the NASA of USA about the exist of the small planet. On
31st June,2002, NASA confirmed and called this small planet 2002ZNT7
May find out the science power solution, if

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Kidnapping sa Mindanao

Yan nagaganap na imbestigasyun sa pag kidnap kina ces Drillion may mangyayari ba?
As usual wala rin. parang hindi na kayo nasanay sa gobyerno natin. Puro imbestiga lang ang alam. Puro publisidad lang ang alam.
Paglutas sa problema ng kidnapping sa Mindanao ng bandidong grupo na Abu Sayyaf, may solution ba? May naiisip ako!

Simple lang ang naisip ko. Dapat ay kausapin natin at papayagin kahit isa lang sa kanila:

Si Joaquin Bordado, Kapitan Barbel, Darna, Super Twins, O si Kamandag (Sorry ha, Kapuso ako eh).
Siempre yung disguise niya na ordinaryong tao muna siya ang pangpain.Pagkatapos ay ipapadala natin siya sa Mindanao kunyari reporter. (Dapat hindi sila nanonood sa GMA 7 para effective)

Sigurado kikidnapin siya hindi ba? OO! siempre (ayaw niyo sumagot eh). Eh, d alam niyo na ang susunod na kabanata. Talo ang mga bandidong grupo.

Tapos ang problema sa kidnapping. Huli lahat ng Abu Sayyaf na yan. Pati mga kasabwat huli din
Gets niyo ba? Ako rin hindi. Ang hirap ng gutom, kulang sa busog at kung ano-ano pumapasok sa isipan.

Wala lang. Yan lang muna .

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Balik sa Dati

Salamat sa isang araw na nag kaisa ang bawat Pilipino. Isang araw na kaligayahan na naidulot sa atin ng nagawang panalo ni Manny "Pacman" Pacquaio laban kay David Diaz.

Balik na tayo uli sa realidad ng buhay. Mga nalunod sa trahedya ng Sakripisyo este Sulpicio Lines. Mga lugar na napinsala ng Bagyong Frank.Mataas ba presyo ng bigas, ng gasolina mga bilihin pati na ng mataas na bayad ng kuryente.

Nagbalikan na uli ang tila bangungot ng ating buhay. Pati mga ang ayaw nating Presidenti ay nakabalik na rin. Sayang at hindi naisama ni Bagyong Frank sa kanyang pag alis.

Balik na uli sa dati. hay buhay!

Laban uli Manny!