Thursday, May 8, 2008

Good luck my Friend!

I was able to bump with my long lost friend whom I have never seen for the past 10 years.

Despite the years he never changed in appearance and in manner of speaking. He is the same Bobot that I knew.

We decided to take our snacks in the nearby fast food joint and continued our conversation. We were discussing our old funny self when I unconsciously touched a sensitive nerve. It was when I asked him if he was still connected with the same company.

Yes he is but that their company now had gone to the dogs. Promotion now is not based on What-you-Know but on Whom-you-know. Different set of rules for different kinds of people. The saying that “Who has the gold rules” is true and he added that those who got the connection is King.

Personnel are being hired not on qualification but on based on “Kamag-anak and Kakilala syndrome”. I can sense the bitterness in his every statement that he is dishing out against his present company. The morale of responsible employee was so low that affected their performance. He is now waiting for the proper time and is intent in leaving the organization and will start a small business of his own.

What is funny according to him was when a terminated (with cause) lady employee was able to return in the company.

We separated after a few hours and he left me with a question of who is the loser in their organization?

I can sympathize with my friend and wish him the best of luck. How many in us are in the same predicament as he is right now? Sometimes things like this do happen and would make us act. Some just lick their wound and pretend to be blind oblivious of the things happening around them.

That is life, full of struggles. Live and let live. So long my friend and Good luck.

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