Friday, May 15, 2009

Wi-FI testing at The Block,SM North EDSA

Me and my kids, as we joined other people in testing the free wi-fi service of SM at The Block, SM North EDSA.
We got very fast and easy connection on both our Macbook and Asus eepc laptop.
But the Ipod Touch of Johnry failed to connect. There were technical people around but the problem was not solved. That is why we are here isn't it?
For them to find the problem and troubleshot them. Hope they could find the work around before the test is over.
I tried downloading a movie and the connection registered a speed of up to 280 kbps.
That is not only fast. That was super fast.
I was not able to experience that kind of speed even with my present DSL provider at home.

Another bonding moment with my kids with free wi-fi and free food coming from finger likin' good-KFC.
Let me Thank bryanflurry for taking the above picture. Buti na lang nag comment ka. hehehe. Pasensiya na ha! Excited kasi ang lolo mo sa pag download.

May 16, 2009
I have to go back here at the Block, SM to go to Healthway located at 5th floor. I have to schedule my appoinment with my Doctor and get my blood test result.
The Wi-fi is already on. My ipod touch still can't get through the server but my macbook connects in less than a minute.
So, this is one reason why you guys can spend time here more frequently.
Bye for now, I have to go and report for work.


Roy said...

wow! libre na wi-fi, libre pa pagkain!

walang ganyan dito sa probinsiya sir mon

pmonchet said...

Roy- kaya nga sinamantala ko na. Galing ako DFA, buti umabot.

bryanflurry said...

hey there! I was the one who took that pic! :)

pmonchet said...

bryanflurry - Oh! Yes, thanks you nga pala Nice shoot!I failed to mention you.Hehehe. Were you able to get your PSP connected to the wi-fi?

bryanflurry said...

Yes, my cousin was able to connect after they changed the I.P. and stuff in the PSP settings. On going ba ung free WiFi service sa The Block?

Snow said...

I believe I have twitted you last night nung nasa healthway ka...hmmm, heto ba yung bina-blog mo? ^_^