Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Apple Magsafe Power Adapter-Galing ng Pinoy

This piece could have been posted a week ago but my fatherlyours was down and out, up to now. I am losing hope it would resurface again.

See how how power adapter was busted.

I got very depressed that day especially upon learning from a store in Victory Mall, the nearest re-seller of Apple products here in Caloocan that the price of a 60 watt MagSafe power adapter is P 4,200.00.

And the lowest price I was able to get from the internet was P2,900.00.

It is a good thing that on my way out of Victory Mall I received a text message informing me that there were new arrival of stocks at our warehouse and If I am interested in placing my order?
Since our warehouse is a good 5 minutes walk from where I am, I decided to go there and talk to our warehouse-in-charge.
There I saw our technician who was about to install the wi-fi router in our conference room. He greeted me and told me that he would go to our branch store and buy a pair of islander before going home after work.
I told him just to look for me to avail of a discount and then I remember I am holding my adapter and jokingly told him if he could do something about it. A busted power adapter.
So to cut the story short, Lunch time or about 12:30 that noon, out technician visited me holding the magsafe power adapter telling me to test it.

Viola, It work. He just save me 3 thousand bucks. Galing ng Pinoy!
He just use an aquarium silicon sealant!
But of course he walked away with a pair of Islander and kiss from our security guard.
The last part was a joke!
Galing ng Pinoy!

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