Saturday, May 16, 2009

Entrecard Dropper -Entrecarder

Let me thank the people behind these website for spending their precious time and regularly drop their card on my other website. I just don't know how they do it?
Fatherlyours is still off and my server seems to disappear into the planet Earth. Even though the man behind webpinas still regularly logged in on Tipidpc as one member told me. Kindly see my earlier post:
1.Webpinas -My web host
2.Fatherlyours and My Web host
Now what? I am including in my daily prayer that one day my would resurrect so that I could make my back up and transfer the file somewhere else.
Going back, Thank you Sir and Mam:
1.Toltec Insights with Dr. Susan Gregg
2.Get some more
3.New Happenin
4.Smiley earth Blog
5.Game Saint Blog
6.Healthy Embrace
7.Peek tech Blog
8.Cool Dad Central
9.Parental Instints
If one soul happened to read this post, kindly give those sites a visit. I could be lucky if there are three.
And Thank you too Sir Buraot for informing me about the site that have 8.4 million visitor per day. Oh! my God, I too could dream don't I?


Roy said...

Sir Mon,

hindi ka sumasagot sa mga email ko,

na-send ko sa yo info: name and address ni hacksider

malapit lang daw kina Ada.

may nag-comment sa post ko (Fatherlyours and Webpinas), biktima din daw siya last year

pmonchet said...

Roy- Sorry, I failed to use my computer last night.Watch kami HBO moviw eh! Got your message and sent my reply. Thanks a lot.