Monday, May 11, 2009

iblog5- A Success

Iblog5 is my second attempt of joining blogging event and I am glad that I did.
Iblog5-The Philippine Blogging Summit was held last Saturday, May 9,2009 at the Malcolm Theater, U.P. College of Law,Diliman, Quezon City.
Roy invited and informed me about this event.
It was a very productive and informative day for me for I learned a lot about blogging, video blogging, mobile blogging, legal issues, 2010 election, blog marketing & advertising and about blogging to the next level.
All the speakers were knowledgeable in the topic that they discuss that contributed for the success of the event.
Being a part time blogger, I don't have enough time to surf the net and learn about blogging.
The part that I liked most was the Video Blogging by Ms. kring Elenzano and Mr. Azrael Coladilla and also by "Ka Edong" discussing about Mobile Blogging 101.
My mind wander where earthlingorgeous was when Mr. Eric Ramirez was discussing about Nuffnang. But she attended and she's there also as I read her post about this event. Sayang hindi kita nakilala personally.
I got curios about the word I am hearing "patay gutom blogger" and Snow informed me about it.
It is a good thing that I asked Mike Abundo (the guy whom I knew only at that time because he always ask those sensible questions) is sport enough to introduce me to Carlo Ople.
I am a part time blogger remember!
Anyway, I am glad I find the time to attend this iblog5 and looking forward for iblog6.
Thank you so much for the organizer and Ms Janette Toral for a wonderful day of blogging event.
Hoping to win a t-shirt next time.
Thank you too to Snow, Roy, Zorlone, Jonel and pintongpiso (forgot his name because my memory gap strike again) and Noli. Thank you Snow for this photo.

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Janette Toral said...

Hello Mon. It is great to see you again at the iBlog5 event. I'm glad that you enjoyed it. Look forward in catching up with you again soon!

zorlone said...

I wouldn't have believed that you are a part time blogger, Mon. Maybe because I am just new at this "bloging thing," to me, you guys were all knowledgeable about a lot of stuff, and I call myself a blogger. LOL.

Glad to have met you and the rest of the group. I hope to expand the reach of my blog jargon and know how.

Will keep in touch!


Dexter | said...

Just saw your post thru Janette and your site is link in my post mow.. Great to know that there are different experience during iblog5.. See you at iblog6

Kevin Paquet said...

sayang naman, ba't kasi ang layo ko. from davao. I missed out a biggy here. huhu..

kuya, link ex change po? po ang site ko, hope you could drop by,

kevin paquet

Roy said...

ang gwapo nung naka-orange! hehehe...

nice meeting you Sir Mon!

Mike Abundo said...

Great meeting you at iBlog5, Mon! Yup, Carlo's cool. :)

Twilight Zone said...

kainggit naman kayo mukhang ang sasaya nyo buti naman at nagenjoy kayo ng husto dun

pmonchet said...

Ms. Janette Toral - Thank you for visiting my 2nd rate, trying hard website (ala sharon).Thank you again.

Zorlone -it is my pleasure knowing a gentleman like you,kakabading. hehehe.

Dexter - Thank you for the visit. Hope to personally meet next time.

Kevin - Sure.Visiting your site right now.

Roy- Daya mo, birthday mo pala last Friday.

Mike - Yes, Carlo is cool.Pero mas cool ka! Thanks

lee- ganun na nga. See you on iblog6 ha!

Jena Isle said...

Hi Mon,

Hinahanp ba ninyo ako? Wala po ako sa Los Angeles, here me lang the City of Angels, ko si Roy.
I hope I could attend the next summit. It's nice knowing you all enjoyed the summit.

pmonchet said...

jena Isle - Hello! Yes, akala namin state side ka mam. hehehe. Oo nga, hopefully one day we got to meet you personally.