Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sun Broadband Wireless

Are you tired of shopping for a perfect broadband ? Switching from Smart and Globe wireless service?

If you are in Metro-Manila and looking for quality service at the most affordable price your search is now over.
I was able to witness the presentation of installing and using this new baby of Sun Cellular and I was really convinced of its awesome speed.

The time to switch for a new broadband provider is now. Now na!

Presenting the Sun Broadband Wireless.
1.SBW 799 - with credit approval and lock-in period of 24 months. Free modem
and a monthly service fee of P 799.00
2.Easy Boradband 799 - No credit approval and no lock-in period. Modem fee is P 2,500.00 and monthly service fee is P 799.00.
3.Plan 999 2 in 1 Deal -SBW 999 + Postpaid Plan 350. with credit approval. Lock-in period of 24 months or 30 (handset dependent). Monthly service is P 999.00. Bundled here is Sun Cellular Plan 350 with unlimited Call and text to Sun subscribers.
All packages are unlimited usage and with the maximum speed of 2 Mbps. Those two words in bold red letter is unmatched by the two previous broadband provider I mention above.

Features and Benifits :
*Compact & easy to use
*Plug-and-play device
*high speed internet
*no need for any phone lines or cluttered wire connections
*SBW provides you with broadband Internet connection through Sun's GPRS/3G/HSPA/ network, similar to how a cellular phone gets its mobile service.

What are you waiting for? go now to your nearest Sun Shop outlet. If your near kalookan I could probably show you my newly approved Easy Broadband device.

Halata ba may bagong racket? babu muna mga friends.


Twilight Zone said...

hmm matagal na gamit sa bahay yung wi-fi na smart gusto ko na nga ipaputol dahil yung mga bata e walang ginawa kundi mag internet(manang mana sa pinagmanahan hehe)

pmonchet said...

Twilight Zone -Tamang taman sa iyo ito. Kung ayaw mo sila mag internet, itago yung modem. hehehe.Alisin mo muna kasi usb dongle lang eh. madali alis kabit. Ipaupa mo muna