Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sun Broadband Wireless Installation

Installing the so called next generation Broadband is as easy as counting 1 2 3.Upon inserting the usb enabled modem, an auto exe file will prompt you to install the program. I think it did not take more than 3 minutes to install and surf in a jiffy.

I also brought it here in my work and installed it in my Mac and the installion is much faster. Surfing and watching video on youtube is relly an experience.
We were just starting to have fun when my daugther Mae arrive and borrowed my modem.

What are you waiting for? For students all you need is a valid school ID plus your parent's authorization to use your address as the billing address of your application. Pay the P 2,500.00 as modem fee and P 799.00 as one month advance payment and your be surfing to a new generation broadband in terms of speed.

And if your on a two month vacation due to school break and you'll go to the province, you can have it terminated without termination charge and re-connect it gain when you come back by paying the advance one month fee.
Isn't this wonderful? On second thought, who would need a "break" away from you pc or laptop if you have one of this Sun Broadband Wireless?


Twilight Zone said...

naku manong sana naman e bayaran ka ng Sun sa effort mo aba e wala ng libre sa panahon ngayon lahat mataas na pandak nalang ang di tumataas hahaha.
merry xmas manong at naway mabibiya ang paskong ito para sa inyong pamilya.
God bless

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