Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Coffee and Me

I am not really fond of drinking coffee while reading. I rather drink first and read later or vice-versa.

But because my kids requested me for a photo opp, I gave in. See how awkward looking man I am?

This situation had me thinking why a lot of people can do this thing and enjoy it?

Yes, I have been seeing a lot of people patronizing those famous coffee shop and doing these thing. Other people were can even be seen tinkering with their laptops.
The reason why a lot of coffee shop had been doing great business business just like Starbucks , The Coffee Bean and the likes?

Hirap mag kape at mag basa. Baka matapunan pa ang books and besides coffee in this places are very expensive.

Anybody want to share their thoughts on this?
Bakit nga kaya? Why o why?

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lee said...

bakit ngaba hahaha ako kasi di nagkakape lolz

Roy said...

well, for one, they'd look cool when they have their coffee at these places (starbucks, et al), plus, with a book or a laptop, nagmumukha silang intelligent, hahaha! (peace po)

seriously, being a coffee drinker, unconsciously nagagawa ko yan. pero hindi ko naman kayang hawakan ang tasa ng matagal habang may hawak akong librong kasing kapal ng hawak mo, hehe...

joanjoyce said...

haaaay walang kita sa akin ang mga coffee shops na yan kasi Milo gusto ko e ahehehe.. nako mon ganyan talaga ang artista laging may photo opp hehehe ok naman ano parang stolen shot lang ;)

hehehe perstaym ko dito ah :D