Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Learning Poker,while attending a Blogging event

Kindly click here My First Time for my post about the just concluded DigitalFilipino.com Club fellowship/networking event held at the Casino Filipino,Paranaque last Saturday, October 25, 2008.
Hay my gulay, I have been trying to post this since panahon ng hapon but I always encountered different problems form my desktop lan problem to my laptop connection problem and then this Bayantel dsl connection-Grrrr!#$%. Kaya ayan,E short cut ko na lang po(pagkaha-bahaba na ng nagawa ko pagkatapos hindi mai save dahil sa error on achu-chu and eclabu).
Ah basta madami nang naisulat tungkol dito sa event na ito kaya yung side light na lang po ito.
After this event, I have totally change my views about casino from a place only for gambler to a place where a family can go to for bonding and relaxation. I saw a lot of families going in and what caught my attention is when even a toddler is included. Thanks Janette and Angel.

That night, before the start of the program being hosted by Janette and is being sponsored by (who else but) PAGCOR, a group of blogger were introduced to this game called poker and I am one of those. It is a game of strategy, analysis, bluffing and of course Luck with a capital “L”(one needs a lot of these). A few playing chips were given and two rounds of mock card game ensued.

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Then after the Pagcor and Ms. Janette's presentation , the raffle of cash voucher started and to cap the night, some of those present were given an equivalent of two thousand chips to play poker (including yours truly.) Beginner’s luck smiled on me the first time when I bet all my chips and win that round. Imagine yourself winning without even trying. I just wanted to get out of that gaming table because I am not used to gambling and besides I am not comfortable being stared at by people. I'm kind of shy you know? Hehehe.
So the bottom line is I lost as quickly as I won. Confused? I won the first time I bet all my chips but lose the second time I did it. Lesson learned- patience is a virtue.
I am not fund of gambling. Although I knew how to play different card games such as “pusoy”, lucky nine, "unggoy-ungguyan" (pang lamay lang ata ito) and blackjack, I never play if it involves money. I just cannot find enjoyment in betting my hard earned money.

(Finding) Jonel Uy of letsgosago.net and I ventured into the gaming hall armed with cash coupon. Pagcor employees were kind enough in telling us were to play this kind of “money”. The first time we both bet the cash coupon was in the Super Six table. It turned up lucky enough for us to win in each instances. Our second try was not.
You could just imagine both of us guessing and analyzing how those games are being played and then we'll both laugh for a wrong or right guesses.
Then we tried the roulette where we placed a Two hundred bet. The dealer changes our chips and accidentally placed it in the center of four numbers instead of my original choice of only two. We let it as it is and that gave us another winning run.
Then it is time to say goodbye for our service bus had arrived, we in-cashed our chips where Jonel become six hundred richer while me have seven hundred peso take home. Not much money you should say but for both of us, these are already big deal. (Babaw ng kaligayahan. Hehehe). By the way Angel, yung P500.00 voucher na ibinigay ni Snow nakuha ng dealer.Natalo- kasi yun yung second try ko.Sayang. hehehe
O ayan, maigsi na yan ha, babu na uli at napuyat na ako dahil dito.


reyna elena said...


So you're the well known PMonchet hahaha finally! Nice meeting you at the event!

pmonchet said...

reyna elena -Your Highness, muntik na akong malaglag dito sa kina uupuan ako."well known PMonchet" daw oh!Kilala ka rin ng anak ko.Ang sabi nga niya ang alam niya sa US ka.Salamat ha, at kahit papano ay nag krus ang ating landas.Makiki agaw na ako sa Corona mo.

Sago said...

haha! accidental pla ung pagkalagay sa gitna nung apat na number!? kala ko pa naman choice mo tlaga un. =)

Pmonchet.blogspot....bakit ung fatherlyours lng nasa card mo? =)

pmonchet said...

Sago - Parang wala ata nakalagay dun sa card ko na website ko.hehehe.Actually hindi ko nilalagay ito kasi pang asar lang itong pmonchet ko eh.

snow said...

yikes, natalo pala yung P500 voucher. anyway, ok lang yun at least nag-enjoy naman kayo Mon.

by the way, nice blog you have here sir! keep it up! ^_^

pmonchet said...

Snow-salamat ha. Walang kabuhay buhay ito eh.Pang joke=joke lang.

reyna elena said...

me blog po ba ang anak nyo? paki share naman nang link!

hehehe! hinay nang agaw nang korona ko, bagong sulda sa vulcanizing shop yan hehehe