Thursday, February 26, 2009

Super Photo Technology

Click Here

When it opens, the control for the picture is in the upper left. Press the + sign to zoom in, or the arrows to move right, left, up or down. If the picture looks fuzzy give it a second to clear – it will, believe me.
This is a remarkable panorama of the inauguration. It might not work well with a dial-up modem, but you can actually focus in on faces near the back of the crowd - nearly 1/2 mile!

For fun, focus on Obama (center stage) and then look behind him. There's Clarence Thomas seemingly asleep, Dick Cheney in his wheelchair, Clinton, Gore, Bush 41 and even Dan Quayle! Scalia is sitting there looking like the Grand Inquisitor. The clarity is surprising!

The technology is truly amazing - and it's un-classified!
Imagine what our spy agencies can see from satellites with classified technology!!!

Another mail from my classmate Pia. Thanks a lot and keep them coming.

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