Thursday, February 5, 2009

Oplan Saving Kabayan Ryan Anievas

Isang panawagan na aking nabasa sa blog ni PJ of Pedistrian Observer GB.
Migrante-KSA is appealing for your support and compassion for OFW Ryan T. Anievas wrongly accused of distributing fake currencies in the Middle East.

OFW Ryan Torres Anievas is a 29-year-old administrative clerk/secretary at Petro Rabigh Company Project in the industrial city of Rabigh in western Saudi Arabia. He had the misfortune of buying a gift for his wife at the Itnayn-Itnayn Store a bargain store where everything is priced at 2-riyals in Rabigh town where he was given 96-riyal change along with 5 pieces of fake 10 riyal bills (amounting to 50 SR). It was unfortunate that he did not notice that he was handed down fake currency and unintentionally without malice used the same to buy food.

There was no doubt the currency was fake as confirmed by the Saudi Finance Ministry complete with documentation from Saudi Aramco Security Authority that Ryan Anievas the "accused" used the bill to buy food. Is there such a thing as honest mistake in the Middle East that one who unknowingly received fake currencies is now accused of distributing fake currencies? Should the "authorities" not dig deeper and find the source instead of accusing the victim himself but then again why bother when they can easily pummel a Filipino migrant worker to add to their "accomplishments. " He is a victim but in a foreign land where discrimination and xenophobia permeates the minds of the ignorant a victim finds himself the accused instead of redress for the crime committed against his person.

He has appealed to Consul General Ezzedin Tago for legal representation but was assigned an interpreter instead. This is the same Consul General who assigned an interpreter to Jennifer Bedoya, a.k.a. Venancio Ladion, who was beheaded in Jeddah on Oct. 14, 2008 for murder. Migrante accused DFA officials of lying to the Bedoya family about the real status of the case and gave them false promises after it asked the family not to reveal the case to the media.

We cannot allow another repeat of the travesty committed by this same Consul General, the future of Ryan T. Anievas, his wife and baby is at stake..... help by signing the petition Oplan Saving Kabayan Ryan.

Napakahirap na ang mag trabaho sa ibang bansa pero mas mahirap ang makulong sa isang sala na hindi mo naman ginawa.
This is the least that we could do to our kababayan, help by signing the petition Oplan Saving Kabayan Ryan. Or help spread the word.
Wala tayong maaasahan sa gobyerno ni Gloria dahil wala itong Tongpats. Walang commision dito mga friends.


Snow said...

sad news naman ito... :( ise-send ko nga ito sa email para lumaganap ang petition...

pmonchet said...

Snow, thanks a lot ha!