Friday, January 9, 2009

Medical Bracelet For Diabetes

I just read about this Medical Bracelet from TuDiabetes and was impressed upon me the importance of wearing one.
Since my blood sugar is reading low sometime this December, I have been trying to locate a local seller of this product by browsing the internet.
Unfortunately I did not find any selling locally.
I also tried going to Malls here and search those stores selling bracelets and jewelry, but I realize the futility of my search when mentioning "Medical Bracelet" to sales clerk would reply me with blank stares, scratching head and some even telling me to rephrase the word?
Reading from the forum with the above link, I realize that there's a lot of Medical Id for diabetes and for different illness as well. These would give a very relevant and accurate information to people, especially medical practitioner a kind of help they could give in case the victim is rendered unconscious due to his/ her illness.
Some diabetic even resorted to putting tattoo on their wrist to have a permanent mark on their body.
Maybe our government official could create awareness about this matter and educate our medical system about the importance of this life saving device.
I also learned that there is this usb flash drive medic alert being sold in the U.S.A.
Oh my! Oh my, our country is still in the dark ages if we speak about health care.
For now I am just wishing my lucky stars that I could have one of those devices.
Ordering from abroad is out of the question considering our kind of postal service here.
And the price of shipping is more than the price of the product itself.
God Bless the Philippines.
Bye for now. babu!

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glesy the great said...

totoo yan.. marami pang mga health practive na di pa naiimplement dito sa pinas... at di na rin ako magtataka kasi ang liit ng nilalaan ng gobyerno na budget for national health.. cheers;p-glesy the great