Thursday, January 15, 2009

Prudentilalife Market Resources Corporation

Prudentialife Market Resources Corporation was born as an affiliate company set up as the Sales and marketing company that offers products and services of the Prudentilalife Group such as Memorialization, Healthcare, Financial Services, Real Estate, Non-Life Insurance, and Travel and Leisure . PMRC has grown to be one of the largest marketing organization s in the country with more than 30,000 Sales Associates here and abroad. PMRC looks forward to a new breed of marketing men and women of Prudentialife , breathing new life to an industry that is full of hope and dreams for a brigther future.

Branding Synergy Wheel

Prudentialife developed the company’s Branding Synergy Wheel which shows the five business lines of the Prudentialife Group (Memorialization, Healthcare, Financial Services, Real-Estate, and Travel & Leisure). Each business line has a corresponding brand or product name (Integra TFM, Prudentialife Care, Optima Fund, Prudentialand, and Prudentialifestyle).

These business brands translate into consumer perceptions of peace of mind, security, and happiness.

At the center of the wheel is the corporate brand – Prudentialife with the “Madonna and Child” symbol of caring and sharing.
If you are looking for a solid company and number 1 in the business to invest your hard earned money, your search is over.

"Today, our partnership with Prudentialife is as solid as ever. we are committed to provide products that will continuously improved the quality of life of more Filipino families. The thousands of dedicated members of our unified marketing force are ready to face the challenges and enter the blue oceans of market opportunities. We are optimistic that our journey will be sailing towards a bright future" PMRC President Beinvenido S. Policarpio

How should I know? My mother-in-law passed away last July 2008 and only one call from Prudentialife hot line is all I did to avail of the memorial service we brought from them. Their professional team of personnel made the proper arrangement from getting the body of my mother-in-law from the hospital to the funeral service hassle free. Here is my previous post last year about this matter- Death in the City

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