Friday, July 17, 2009

The Missing Water Meter

Only in the Philippines.
The story of missing water meter.
I reported for work yesterday and my first problem to solve was to have the metal covering of our water meter removed because of leaking Nawasa water pipe.

The metal covering protected our water meter from being stolen as there was already a case previously when it was stolen by unscrupulous people.

Upon inquiring why it was welded and did not make provision to put padlock instead for easy opening? I was told that robbers only destroy the padlock.

No choice but to have it removed and called the Nawasa office to have it repaired as soon as possible. But night time came and no repairman came.

Isang tulog lang! (One night sleep only). I asked the store nearby, Mr. Donut if possible to look after our water meter because they are operating on a 24 hour basis.

The next day, it was gone. There were two water meters before but the next morning there was only one.
Only in the Philippines!
As for Nawasa people hope they come soon before the other is stolen again.

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