Monday, June 1, 2009

Dating without heavy spending

Here is a tip about dating without heavy spending? Bring her to Victory Mall.

Go to the second floor, Family station and you'll see a lot of LCD television screen being sold.

They are showing different movies complete with sound system.

There are also a lot of food cart around the mall so food hunting won't be a problem.

The air-conditioning system is working perfectly so you'll feel confortable.
But this is SRO audience waiting for you. If your date gave you a big "NO" for an
answer, don't blame me. At least this have given you a lot of savings!


Badet said...

Di pa ako nakakapunta sa Victory Mall kahit malapit lang sa amin. Pero mukhang never na ako pupunta, dito na-slash yung bag ng Nanay ko, hahah..

Madz said...
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Madz said...