Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Golden Boys and Girls of Manila High school

Freinds and fellow blogger, let us give way to my high school classmates who are now the golden boys and girls of Manila High School.

Calling all IV - 1 Voc, Manila High school graduate, 1975!

Did I tell you their age and mine?

And the sender of this "golden" pictures,

Dear Classmates,

At last I'm able to send photos from Cecil's
despedida held in our humble home last February 7, 2009. Cecil left for Las
Vegas to visit her brother middle of March and will be returning

As usual, Romeo was not in attendance. Cesar was
able to make it and made our sing-a-long exciting by donating P300.00 for the
highest score. He sang "Jambalaya" and got 96% and thought he won, that is until
may daughter, Jamie sang and got 98%. So as not to be outdone by his
sister, Cesar gave P500.00 to his godson (my son) Jeremy. Am sending a
separate video of Abe singing his heart out to get the P300.00.

We had so much fun! We're still trying to contact more from our

Hope we can all celebrate


More pics here:

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